About Fernehalwes

Here's some frequently asked questions, if you were curious.

Can Fernehalwes completely replace whatever my event organizing workflow is?

Probably not. Fernehalwes is designed to eliminate as many of the common pain points of event organizing as possible, but from my experience, everyone has one or two rough edges that I can't magically make disappear via using this website. It's usually either a niche use case for which it wouldn't make sense to implement into Fernehalwes, or something that I can't feasibly implement. I do encourage you to rebuild the core of your events around Fernehalwes, though. Maybe one day you'll find that you can express those niche workflows within the tools that it gives you! And if you think you've got something that would be useful for more users than just you, you can always contact me.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, I found a bug AND I have a feature request. How do I let you know?

Feel free to open an issue in the public issue tracker.

Good job on the website! Can I help out?

The best thing you can do is to can donate to my Ko-Fi page. I use the money for server and services upkeep, and you can either make a one-time donation or a monthly, recurring donation.

Fernehalwes is running on version 0.12.0.