Manage your FFXIV events, easily and with less hassle.
Fernehalwes is a web application that aims to manage your event from start to finish, replacing horrendous Google sheets that break when anyone touches them, manual mass notifications that give you RSI, and confusing and unclear instructions that lead to people bothering your team with unneeded questions.
Custom event pages for everyone

Planning the next big art party? A FC event for the biggest FC in your data center? No matter what you do, Fernehalwes provides you with a public-facing, easy to understand and customize event page.

Power tools for organizers

Replace those Google sheets that are based on a 5 year old template. Fernehalwes has fast, intuitive controls to keep track of your event attendees.

Mix-and-match functionality

Fernehalwes' events are modular — don't need a certain feature? Disable it! By virtue of this, new functionality can be added very quickly. It also allows for catering to completely different communities.


Automate event notifications

My plan is to take away the pain of having to send 60 almost-identical Discord messages, instead relying on a simple template system to completely automate notifying your event attendees about whatever you want to notify them about.


Plan recurring events without a hassle

Do you host events of the same type regularly? Eventually, Fernehalwes will be able to let you create new events based on previous events more easily, ideally so that you can create your next event with the click of a button.

Here's some other things that I think are cool:

Have an event to plan?

Why not try Fernehalwes? It's free. (and I'd appreciate it ❤️)